Thursday, October 09, 2003

Happy Birthday to Roger! (It's still his birthday over here.....)

[The Sun]

Roger Kwok had his 39th birthday yesterday and as well as celebrating with a group of fellow artistes, even the TVB chiefs Ho Ding Kwan and Wong Kei arrived to wish him a happy birthday, proving his number 1 status! His girlfriend Cindy Au also appeared to surprise him with a birthday kiss, giving him a birthday full of surprises!

Roger was taking part in the blessing ceremony for new TVB series "Gak Sai Jui Hung" (Chasing the Murderer Through Time) together with Flora Chan, Kiki Sheung and Shek Sau and it also happened to be Roger's birthday so Flora and the others prepared a surprise birthday party for him with a cake and champagne!

As well as the group of colleagues, TVB bosses Mr Ho and Mr Wang also arrived on the scene. It turns out that they were taking a group of VIP guests around TV City and when Mr Ho found out it was Roger's birthday, he immediately decided to drop by on him. He laughed that Roger is 18 every year and has faith in his peformance in "Gak". With such admiration from the bosses, is Roger well in the running for this year's "Favourite Male Character Award"? Roger says: "It's too early to know, it would lose the element of surprise!". Mr Ho stood beside him and smiled.

Roger's surprises continued to come as his girlfriend suddenly arrived to visit him and he reporters asked her to give him a kiss. At first she was a little embarrassed, but when Roger asked her himself, she offered her sweet kiss. Roger laughed: "My girlfriend gave me a woolly top and I did think about wearing it today, but it is a bit too hot." Roger had an evening meal with his family and girlfriend and had a cosy and warm birthday. As for when he will be starting his own family, he says: "I haven't really thought about it, but with everyone talking about it, it makes me feel like I should because I will do my best to satisfy everyone's wishes."


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