Monday, October 13, 2003

Half a day in the life of Roger Kwok...

[3 Weekly - 11/10/03]

Roger Kwok Digs for Gold in the Motherland

Singing two songs and pocketing several hundred thousand

Currently busy filming for new series "Gak Sai Jui Hung" (literal translation - Chasing the Murderer Through Time), Roger Kwok who after "Ah Wong" at the beginning of the year has done it again with "Nardo" in raising his popularity, has been getting work in waves as he utilised his precious time last Friday (3rd Oct) and headed to his native town Zhongshan to dig for gold.

Ever since his last visit at the age of seventeen with some friends, it has been over twenty years since he returned to his native town, but this time as he returns in glory, he has little time for sightseeing as he appears for just two hours at two different shows, singing two songs, pocketing a six-figure sum quicker than having an injection. So with a tightly packed twenty hour schedule and just a hamburger for his lunch, Roger has no complaints!

10:21 am
Roger has been filming on location for "Gak Sai Jui Hung" since 6am, but luckily he makes the half past ten direct sailing and waits to board at the pier. He is immediately surrounded by a big crowd of fans who ask him for a photo and autographs. As Roger is always willing to please, then he agrees no matter how tired he is!

10:45 am
Roger has over an hour on the boat free so as well as making the most of his time to catch some sleep, he also listens again to the song he has to sing to prepare for his performance.

1:33 pm
When the group reaches the hotel, it is nearly two in the afternoon and Roger has a studio filming session at 5pm, so he has to leave on the three o'clock sailing at the latest. He hurriedly changes into his outfit for performance.

1:49 pm
As the time is too rushed, there is no time to go for a sit down lunch and Roger has the same as everyone else as they ease their hunger with a hamburger.

1:58 pm
Roger arrives and immediately causes some commotion with some of the audience so excited that they will not let go of him, but with the help of the security officers, he can smoothly continue with his performance.

2:03 pm
This time, Roger is appearing as a guest at a promotional event for the China Community Lottery and is also responsible for presenting the prize to a recent winner, who wins ten thousand yuan and the chance to meet his idol Roger and is so happy that she hugs him and will not let go.

2:17 pm
Rushing from Zhongshan to his second location "Three Villages", Roger sings the same song, his favourite song "The Girl Standing Opposite Me Looks Over" and is still welcomed by the audience who fight to shake his hand!

2:52 pm
Although the driver suddenly gets lost along the way and everyone panics over whether they will make the sailing time, they luckily arrive back at the pier on time and Roger doesn't have time to say goodbye to his hosts before rushing to get through the gate.

3:15 pm
After getting back to Hong Kong, Roger has to rush back into the studio and the filming will last until three in the morning, so he uses the time to read through his script and showcases his professional side.

5:00 pm
Although Roger has been busy for several hours, he still has to rush back to the studio to start work, but earning a six-figure sum in less than half a day's work, it is worth all the hardship!

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