Sunday, October 26, 2003

[Extract from Sing Pao]

Yesterday, Hacken Lee was filming a TVB promotional film for the Olympics together with Moses Chan and Marco Ngai and over a hundred extras. Filming at TVB City, they wore the company colours of red, blue and green and held the sacred flame as the extras waved huge flags around them, creating quite a spectacle. When Hacken was asked whether he would be hosting the coverage of the Olympics, he says: "We are in discussion at the moment because I will be flying around for my concerts next year and we need to work out my schedules. However I would really like to be a part, after all it only happens once every four years. I shouldn't say too much though before the awards because it is very sensitive."


[Ta Kung Pao]

Flora Chan and Roger Kwok were filming for "Gak Sai Jui Hung" yesterday and the scene told of the two holding hands and running away from a thug who was chasing them, but perhaps it was too realistic, as it caused some attention from the locals and later a number of police officers arrived on the scene.

With respect to the ratings of "Triumph in the Skies", Flora feels confident, as for whether she thinks this is another chance for her to win the anniversary award for best actress, she says that she is confident, but isn't too bothered whether she gets an award or not. Also her contract with TVB is almost completed with just a few terms left to discuss, she hopes all will be completed soon so she can tell everyone.


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