Sunday, October 26, 2003

[Combined Report from Ta Kung Pao, Oriental Daily & The Sun)

With TVB's Anniversary Series "Triumph in the Skies" beginning to air today, some of the cast members including Francis Ng, Flora Chan and Michelle Ye took part in a promotional event inside the restricted area of Hong Kong Airport yesterday and among them, Michelle's sexy tube caught much of the attention. She was in a flirtatious mood yesterday as she openly seduced her co-star Francis whom she had previously been linked to in rumours during filming. However Francis was not moved as he has a good wife at home and Michelle was rather put out by this.

When the cast got together for a photocall, producer Poon Ka Tak pushed Michelle towards Francis and she took the opportunity to hug him and put on an act, saying: "You're so bad, you want to soak me in champagne? Do you want to take my clothes off?", but this came as a shock to Francis who quickly pushed her away and kept his distance afterwards. Michelle was passing glances at him, but he made it obvious that he was not interested and would rather look out of the window to evade her stares.

Michelle explains her sexy attire, saying that she did originally wear a jacket, but because she was rushing to the function, she felt a little warm so she took it off. When it was mentioned that she was getting on particularly well with Francis, she said that the got on just as well with Sammul Chan and mentioned that the male cast liked to play tricks on her and didn't treat her like a girl.

Later Michelle grabbed Francis and told him to explain about the rumours at which point Francis asked her: "Why are you dressed like that? Are you very hot?"

When Michelle flirted with Francis, he pulled away each time and when he was asked whether he was intentionally avoiding her, he says he feels that Michelle is rather outgoing, but he doesn't know her very well. On the other hand, he gets on better with Flora Chan, but he admits that the male stars like to poke fun at Michelle, but daren't play tricks on Flora because she is like the big sister. Francis says: "I had very little screen time with Michelle so I don't know her very well. (Are you afraid your wife will be jealous?) It's just creating some atmosphere for the promotion."


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