Monday, October 13, 2003

[Collaborative summary from Oriental Daily, Ta Kung Pao and Ming Pao]

Bosco Wong, Rain Lee, John Chiang, Sammul Chan and Iva Lo were among the artistes appearing at the costume trial for TVB's new series "Ngo Si Fu Hai Wong Fei Hung" (My Master is Wong Fei Hung) yesterday. Rain plays a tomboy character in the show and is hard at work practising her martial arts moves because she is adamant on not using a stunt double wherever she can, laughing that her friends pointed out it was too obvious in her performance for "Wan Hoi Yuk Gung Yuen" (Lofty Water Verdant Bow). She adds that in some scenes, she has to dress as a man, so she has to wear some big clothes to cover her figure. In response to reports that she has been too poor to be able to buy clothes when she is shopping, she denies this, explaining that since her father has applied for bankrupcy, she no longer has to bear his debts and with the weight lifted from her shoulders, she can now freely spend her money on whatever she likes. Currently also filming for "Choi Hung Kiu" (Rainbow Bridge), Rain admits she has fallen in love with acting in series, so will be putting her singing career on hold until next year.

It has been five years since John Chiang (Keung Dai Wai) appeared on the screen filming for TVB and with his last show working with then newcomer Louis Koo in "Qian Long Dai Di", who was later propelled to stardom, will he have the same effect on newcomer Bosco Wong this time? John agrees that TVB should promote more new actors because after Andy Lau and Louis Koo, there have been few who have really made it big, especially as Tony Leung has been rather selective with his films. John has kept in touch with Louis since working with him and will be calling him out for tea during his three month stay in Hong Kong before he returns to Canada for the Chinese New Year. John will be playing Wong Fei Hung's father Wong Kei Ying and will be shaving his head for the part today. When it was asked whether he would be meeting with his future son-in-law Raymond Cho, who is dating his daughter Yee Lan, John says not to refer to him that way as the future is not yet known, but he will be meeting with him.

Lawrence Ng's girlfriend Iva Lo was also at the event and when she was asked whether the spot on her lip was due to lack of sleep, she replied: "It's obviously down to lack of sleep! (Is it because of Lawrence?) Of course not, I am sleeping quite well." She goes on to explain her lack of sleep is down to working too hard on filming. When asked whether she has been in touch with her boyfriend, she immediately refused to respond: "No comment, I am not his parents or him, so I don't want to say anything if they aren't. (But you are his girlfriend?) So it is not right for me to say anything because as his partner, anything I say will have a big effect so I really shouldn't say anything. I hope this will all blow over soon. (Did Lawrence tell you not to say anything?) As his friend, I shouldn't say anything because if I do, this will all start again."

Also, producer Wong Wai Sing was asked whether he felt any pressure from making a show that has been covered so much in previous series and films and whether he intends to add something new to this production. He says that this show will be covering the stories of Wong Fei Hung's students, such as Chu Yuk Wing and Leung Foon. Also there have been very few productions that concentrate on the youth of Wong Fei Hung, as this has never been done before on TVB so there will be plenty of fresh material. As for his last record breaking work "Ngong Fu Sing Lung" (Square Pegs) doing so well, does he feel any pressure from this? He says there is none, because he will just do his job to the best of his ability and leave the ratings to the elements.


Thanks again to MDN for this pic that shows some of the missing faces for the TVB Grand Opening yesterday...
MDN says: "That's [Bosco Wong] in front, Myolie, Roger Kwok, Eric Tsang, Maggie Cheung, Bowie Lam, Shirley Yeung, Sunny Chan, Louis Yuen, Alex Fong, Moses Chan, Charmaine Sheh, Gallen Lo, Gigi Lai, Kwong Wa...and for the rest I cannot tell."


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