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South China Daily - 25th September 2003

Anne Heung - Turns to offer a beautiful smile
2004 Anne Heung, Louis Koo and Charmaine Sheh Houston Chinese New Year Show

It is said that Anne Heung is a beauty who turns to offer her smile through her performance on TV serial "The Legend of Lady Yang" that created quite a stir with the ratings when it was aired in Hong Kong. Anne is of Shanghainese origins, born in Hong Kong on 2nd October 1974 and her first ambition was not to become an artiste, but to become an outstanding accountant. After completing her university studies in Canada, Anne went back to Hong Kong to work and when she was 24 years old, she followed her instincts to enter the Miss Hong Kong pageant in 1998, an experience that changed her life. Anne was crowned the winner as well as Miss Photogenic and also third place in the Miss Chinatown International contest.

After becoming an artiste with TVB, she has been promoted by the company and Anne has had much airtime in her short time in the industry. For the Mid-Autumn festival of 1998, the wife of the Hong Kong Special Administration Region Chief Executive , Mrs Tung led a group of ladies to inspect the soldiers at the Hong Kong barracks and Anne appeared along with Andy Lau and Aaron Kwok at the event where she personally made some food for the soldiers, showing what a friendly and talented person she is. As a result, TVB offered her many opportunities to appear in TV shows and she has gained notoriety in Hong Kong and China (more details in the next issue).

With such talent and beauty, you may find an element of distance between yourself and Anne, but Houston's Tung Li Entertainment Company will be making arrangements to break down this distance as it prepares for a Chinese New Year concert, bringing a close encounter with Anne Heung, Louis Koo and Charmaine Sheh at the Jumbo Seafood Restaurant on 30th and 31st of January 2004. Tickets are on sale now at the cost of $100 (adults and children) and includes a drink. (Bookings line: 713-779-9988)

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