Saturday, October 18, 2003

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Annie Man and Michael Tong are forced to be affectionate as they share a coat
Oriental Daily 17/10/03

Annie Man, together with Michael Tong, Lily Lei and Kwok Fung took a cruise liner up to Shanghai earlier to film a travel special and it turns out that this is Annie's first trip to Shanghai and on the night that she arrived at her destination and they filmed the night scenes, she was immediately captivated. Annie said: "There was a breeze that night and although I didn't bring enough clothes, I still had to bear it and take photos, however when we started filming, it was too cold. Luckily, Michael Tong brought a thick coat with him and he was very gracious in lending us his coat so that whoever wasn't needed in front of the camera could wear it."

Coincidentally, Michael and Annie were playing a pair of lovers in the special and sometimes when the cameras where placed a little distance away, they were mistaken by the other passengers on the boat as a real couple on holiday. When asked whether she was embarrased or worried that she would be linked with Michael in rumours, she replied calmly: "There was no embarrassment because we are here working. We weren't hiding when we were doing this action and my past record is quite good in that I rarely have any adverse press, so I have no worries."

On the cruise ship, although there were only two shops, it was still able to satisfy Annie's shopaholic tendencies and she would visit the stores every day and almost every time she would come back with something. No wonder that Michael was shocked that the two shops would have the same attraction as the whole of Granville Street making women so happy!

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