Thursday, October 23, 2003

Article from TVB Weekly requested by greeniceflower:

Although the weather has started to get cooler now, it was so hot earlier that actors who were filming outdoors were calling for help, so many artistes brought their own fans to keep cool and keep their make up intact. Upon arrival at the location for "Juk Ching Lo Po Ba Leung Fu" (The Younger Husband) Annie Man was holding a little blue fan that looked like a toy but also had a spray bottle attached to it, it turns out that this is a fan and spray in one. "This was bought in Tokyo Disneyland and as soon as I saw it I really liked it. It has a little spray bottle so when it is hot, you can spray a little mist and then use the fan to cool it and it is very refreshing. It's too bad that I need to wear make-up, so I can't spray water otherwise it would dissolve the make up." However Annie realised later that if she doesn't spray her face, she can spray her arms! "Of course! I can still cool off by spraying my arms!" Yeah, don't waste such a pretty and useful item!

From http://annieman.my.net-yan.com

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