Monday, October 13, 2003

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(Special thanks to MDN from www.maggiera.com for providing these links and the Chinese reports!)

Additional photographs from the ceremony - report has been largely covered below....

96 year-old Sir Run Run Shaw was in good spirits as he led the blessing ceremony

Lydia Shum and Liza Wang prove their importance at TVB by leading the first group of artistes to offer incense

Charmaine Sheh, Sonija Kwok and Shirley Yeung are among the artistes who host a display of song and dance in the evening

A lion dance troupe offer their wishes to the company

TVB hosted a special variety performance yesterday entitled "Focus on a New Path in Television Broadcasting" and the most outstanding performance was a comedy sketch by Moses Chan, Kwong Wa, Bobby Au-Yeung, Flora Chan and Jessica Hsuan. Moses played Pan Jinlian and was dressed like a scary ladyboy and causing a lot of laughs. Bobby played Wang Po and together with a hairy mole was ugly in the extreme. Kwong Wa played Ximen Qing, Flora played Wu Song and Jessica played Wu Dalang.

During the sketch, Lydia Shum suddenly stepped in and requested that Kwong Wa and Moses swapped roles. Moses immediately took off his costume and passed it to Kwong Wa. Later Lydia then instructed Kwong Wa to play Wu Dalang and as the sketch deteriorated into chaos, the audience was left in fits of laughter despite the rather silly costumes.

When Lydia asked for the characters to be swapped, Flora asked her: "What are we swapping?" at which point, Lydia immediately said to her: "You need to get your pronunciation right otherwise people will mistake you for swearing!" (Em's note: the word for "swap" can become an expletive if not pronounced correctly in Cantonese!)

Bobby and Moses' performance was rather chaotic and afterwards Bobby said that this was because Lydia and Eric did not keep to the script and when he was asked if he used this as an opportunity to hit Moses, he laughed: "I actually wanted to hit Kwong Wa, because he is good looking!"

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