Tuesday, September 02, 2003

Typhoon Dujuan sweeps Hong Kong and gives everyone a day off!

[Oriental Daily]

Soon to be heading back to her studies in America, Tiffany Lam has been finishing the work she had and has been very busy, but with yesterday's Typhoon 8 warning, the work she had arranged was cancelled and taking advantage of a day off, Tiffany and her sister went to Festival Walk to go shopping. Some shops were closed because of the typhoon but this didn't dampen her spirits as she went window shopping that made her just as happy. Just before leaving the shopping mall, she visited the supermarket and swept together some supplies. Tiffany said: "I will be leaving next week, so there isn't much left at home but I am afraid the typhoon will continue tomorrow so I've come to pick up a few things. Originally I did want to buy some presents for my friends before I leave, but all the shops are closed already."

As for Kingdom Yuen, Louis Yuen, Joyce Chan and Bondy Chiu, they were working on filming "Virtues of Harmony II" in Broadcast City, but because of the typhoon warning, they were allowed to finish work early after lunch and Kingdom smiled: "All I did when I came in was have my make up done and now I finish work before any shooting has been done, but my unruly friends have been calling me non-stop to go and play Mah Jong with them." Conversely, Bondy and Joyce sped home like a shot as Joyce smiled: "I don't play Mah Jong, I have to head home as I am in a rush to go to sleep."


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