Monday, September 01, 2003

Twins swept the board at TVB’s “Children’s Song Awards” ceremony as they took three awards, but feeling unwell on the night, Gillian Chung said she was ‘filled with a hundred emotions’. Strongly supported by young fans all along, Twins beat strong opposition of Gigi Leung and took three of the top awards but what originally should have been a happy occasion was dampened for Gillian as she explained: “I had felt unwell earlier on and had a headache before as well as a cough! However I should be able to handle it, even having my period at the same time, this really is a time of a hundred emotions.”

As for the ICAC investigations into awards, are they afraid of gossip as they once again win all the awards at TVB’s ceremony, Twins responded: “We’re not afraid, this time it was voted for by the audience and proves that we have a great support from the children. We work hard 365 days of the year and this can be said is reaping our successes.”

At the same event, Edwin Siu and newly crowned Miss Hong Kong Mandy Cho did their part as MC's as they joined with the singing and dancing.


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