Friday, September 26, 2003

TVB's Thirty Six Stars are Confirmed

Male artistes:
Eric Tsang, Nat Chan, Louis Koo, Bobby Au-Yeung, Michael Tao, Moses Chan, Roger Kwok, Steven Ma, Bowie Lam, Woo Fung, Sunny Chan, Shek Sau, Alex Fong, Patrick Tam, Wong He, Kevin Cheng, Paul Chun, Joe Ma

Female artistes:
Lydia Shum, Liza Wang, Nancy Sit, Flora Chan, Jessica Hsuan, Charmaine Sheh, Sonija Kwok, Shirley Yeung, Myolie Wu, Bernice Liu, Kenix Kwok, Maggie Cheung, Anne Heung, Gigi Lai, Michelle Ye, Winnie Yeung, Annie Man, Melissa Ng

[Oriental Daily]

TVB's 36th Anniversary celebrations launch and the grand opening of the Broadcast City complex in Tseung Kwan O will take place on October 12th and the Artiste division have been working hard to select from over three hundred artistes, the lucky thirty six who will join Sir Run Run Shaw in a special blessing ceremony on the day. Although many artistes wish dearly to be selected into the "Thirty six stars", there are many who have refused the invitation from TVB.

TVB had prepared a draft of the chosen thirty six very early on, including hosts, lead males and females, promising artistes and promoted artistes as well as some representative stars. However after contacting them all, there were many who could not fit it into their schedules giving TVB a bit of a headache, but after more discussion, the final eighteen male and eighteen female stars have been confirmed.

The reports are that Dodo Cheng had other work on that day and has refused and of the famous hosts, there remain Lydia Shum, Liza Wong, Eric Tsang and Nat Chan. As for the leading actors: Adam Cheng, Lawrence Ng, Kwong Wa, Ada Choi and Benny Chan are all filming overseas and cannot return to attend. As for Frankie Lam, he refused on the grounds that he must look after his poorly father at the moment.

In the case of the uprising stars, Raymond Lam, Tavia Yeung and Ron Ng are all filming in China for the new show "Dai Tong Seung Lung Juen" (Double Dragon of the Tang) and although TVB had intended on stopping the filming to allow the three young stars to return, they changed their mind so as not to delay the tight filming schedules. As for the representative artistes, Helena Law refused because she was working on a ship and only Woo Fung can hold the show.

From the confirmed list of thirty six, there includes many returning stars such as Michael Tao, Sunny Chan and Patrick Tam so it would appear that they are of some importance to TVB and even though Sunny Chan's new contract with TVB has not even started yet, he is willing to return and take part in this event.

Also, due to the current lull in ratings, Deric Wan and Sonija Kwok's "Ngau Long Jik Nui" (The Legend of Love) was originally to be aired after "Ying Hung Do Siu Nin" (Find the Light) but for the sake of stability, it has been decided that Adam Cheng and Cecilia Yip's "Fei Sheung Ngoi Fu" (Extraordinary Father In Law) will be aired instead. Unfortunately, they are both filming in China at the moment and could not return to help with the promotion.


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