Sunday, September 07, 2003

[TVB Weekly - 02/09/2003]

It would appear that thunder and lightning can not only send a person from one dimension to another, it can also connect a mobile phone from 1984 to the year 2004 allowing superintendant Roger Kwok to talk to his father Hui Siu Hung who was a sergeant twenty years ago to chase a criminal from previous times and solve many difficult murder cases.

This series "Gak Sai Jui Hung" (working title) [roughly translates to "Chasing Murderer Through Time"] not only has Roger and Hui as father and son, it also has Kiki Sheung who has recently returned to TVB who plays Roger's mother and also Flora Chan who plays a paralysed wheelchair bound character, so it can be said that the storyline is quite fresh. Other cast members include Shek Sau, Lau Koon Lan, Lee Shing Cheung, Lok Ying Kwan and young stars Patrick Tang, Matt Yeung and Kong Chi Nei. The show is about to start filming so watch out for Roger chasing his murderers!

Courtesy www.TVBspace.net

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