Friday, September 05, 2003

Tiffany Lam will be leaving for America to complete her studies next Wednesday and of her good friends from last year's Miss Hong Kong contest, many have presented her with goodbye gifts. Among them, good friend Victoria Jolly has designed a set of necklaces especially to signify their friendship that has their names etched on, very much like lovers lockets, making Tiffany very touched: "Some of the girls I haven't seen for a while and I am very happy and touched. They are very thoughtful and know that I don't necessarily like expensive things, so they give me very meaningful gifts, like pendants with our names on, making me not want to leave. So I told them not to come and see me off because I am afraid it will be too upsetting and I still have to travel for over ten hours on a plane." However Tiffany says that she has many friends in Hong Kong now so she will definitely be back to visit everyone.

As for Victoria who has earlier suggested that she will also be leaving Hong Kong to return to her studies revealed that she has still not made the final decision but as all her family are in Hong Kong, she would very much like to stay and progress here. As for reports that she has been picked on by Joyce Tang in their new series "Sum Fong, Sum Yuk, Juk Go Juk", she denies this and clarifies the situation with Joyce: "Joyce is very nice to me and even with NG's she will comfort me and often takes great care to teach me how to act, like a big sister she looks out for me and when I am unhappy she will give me a hug."


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