Monday, September 22, 2003

This year's anniversary celebrations will be much grander than last year.

[Oriental Daily]

TVB enters its 36th Anniversary celebrations with the official opening of the Tseung Kwan O Broadcast City on the day of the anniversary 12th October, when a lighting up ceremony will be held to mark the anniversary as well as the new studios. In order to bring it in line with the 36th birthday, TVB has decided to use "36 stars" to shine over the Executive Chairman Sir Run Run Shaw.

TVB plans to select thirty six out of over three hundred artistes to take part in a special blessing ceremony with Sir Run Run and those chosen will only be the 'big brothers and sisters' as well as those newcomers being promoted and this has already started the competition among the ranks.

The opening ceremony will take place in three stages. First, geomancy master Lee Shing Chak will be leading a blessing ceremony at a lucky hour, then Sir Run Run will lead the executives, this year's Miss Hong Kong winners and the special thirty-six stars in the ceremony.

This will be taking place in the large space opposite Studio One that is currently being made up for the show with reports about a large tent is being erected to protect Sir Run Run from the sun, proving how careful TVB are being.

After the blessing, there will be a large party before the lighting up ceremony for the anniversary celebration. Chief Executive of Hong Kong SAR, Mr Tung Chee Wah has agreed to attend and will be chairing the event with Sir Run Run. Other officials will also be there to join the celebrations and as well as star studded, there will also be many powerful faces there.

That night there will be a huge variety show introducing the broadcasting history of TVB over the last thirty six years through performances by all the TVB artistes. With such a marathon of celebration events, this will be a very big event.


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