Monday, September 01, 2003

Theresa Mo appeared at TVB’s Broadcast City to film a production special for new movie “Dai Jeung Fu” together with Eric Tsang, Jordan Chan and Chapman To yesterday and responded to the recent reports about co-star Maria Cordero’s ban from entering TVB premises because of her contract with Cable. Theresa said: “They need not be so extreme! I haven’t had a contract with Cable for a long time, but I don’t have any intentions of filming series with TVB because I want to spend more time with my children.”

Appearing as a comedy policeman, Eric Tsang said: “Well every family has its rules but when the show airs, the movie clips will not be cut and when TVB airs movies, they will show other channel’s artistes anyway.” Chapman added cheekily: “I have an ATV face and a CRHK voice! Artistes have so many different guises, I don’t see any problem with Maria entering, but I don’t think she is too bothered as she has plenty of opportunities. Though if she has a contract with Cable, it is understandable for TVB to refuse entry.”


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