Thursday, September 11, 2003

[Ta Kung Pao]

Victoria Jolly, Joyce Tang and Raymond Cho were filming on a beach for TVB's new series "Sum Fong Sum Yuk Juk Gor Juk" yesterday and the storyline was of Victoria and Raymond were in a competition together and when they win, they are so happy that they hug.

Since this show started filming, there have always been rumours that Joyce has had an attitude and been picking on Victoria and with latest reports yesterday that this has led to Victoria's decision to return to the UK to continue her studies in Hotel Management. When Joyce was asked whether she knew that the report indicated that Victoria was "forced away" by her, Joyce replied with resignation: "They have written this so many times, so why don't we just say that I forced Victoria away? Going back to her studies is a good thing." When Victoria who was standing nearby heard this response, she explained immediately: "No one has been picking on me, they are all very good to me. My decision to go back to my studies is my own because I don't want to waste the two years of hard work and I wasn't influenced by anyone."

Seeing how agitated Victoria was, Joyce added: "I was just joking before, Victoria had already told us a earlier on that she had decided to go back to her studies and I feel that studying is a good thing because what you learn is your own."


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