Wednesday, September 10, 2003

[Ta Kung Pao]

This year's Miss Hong Kong winners Mandy Cho, Rabeea Yeung, Priscilla Chik, Selena Lee and Carrie Lee appeared at a promotional event by the sponsoring travel agency and will be heading out to Gau Kau Chai on the 15th on an ambassadorial visit. At the event they demonstrated making cocktails.

Mandy commented that she will be heading out to receive her apartment prize in Zhongshan on the 13th and then heading out with the others on the 15th. Because they will be there for 15 days, she has prepared a lot of protective creams and parasols and because TVB are concerned that they are not used to the hot food there, they will be preparing some food stocks for them, but Mandy herself likes to eat spicy food a lot. Mandy and the others went to see Sir Run Run Shaw earlier and he gave a lucky packet to each of them, however Mandy would not reveal how much was in it, just that it was five figures. During the visit, she shook hands with Sir Run Run and they communicated in both Cantonese and English as he congratulated her. His partner was not present. When asked how she will be spending her lucky money, she smiled: "It will be dealt with the same way as my other prize money, all looked after by my mother. (So you don't have any money then?) TVB has expenses for me and my mom buys things for me, so it doesn't matter."

Also the sponsors reevaled that they will have mystery guests hosting shows to Australia's Northern Islands, coral reef and the Gold Coast to showcase the latest in travel destinations. As to who these guests will be, they would only reveal that Boyz and Shine will be among them.

Although she was the runner up, Rabee'a Yeung was also awarded the Tourism Ambassador and the sponsors will be signing her as their own Ambassador for a year to film advertisements for them. Rabee'a admitted this yesterday but because she was only notified earlier that morning she does not know how much the fee will be.

She laughs: "It doesn't matter how much the salary is, because usually when you are filming on location for a travel company, they will take you to the best places and eat the best food, so even if there was no pay, I would still go." She agrees this is a great opportunity because usually she only has two or three weeks holidays and cannot go to many places, but this time she can combine work with leisure. As for the place she would most like to go, this would be Paris as she would like to buy designer handbags.


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