Saturday, September 27, 2003

[Ta Kung Pao]

The third quarter Jade Solid Gold awards were held yesterday and with the shadow of ICAC's investigations hanging over the production, the first TVB awards ceremonies to be held since were closely scrutinised and the commission have been working closely with the executives at TVB as well as of the record companies. TVB made sure that those who were there had their awards and also that the results were sent out to the media after the ceremony instead of before as has happened in the past.

In response to the new procedures, TVB entertainment and sports boss Wong Ka Leung says that the changes were brought in to reduce any discrepancies and not linked to the ICAC's investigation. He also says that he is unaware of any investigations being carried out on this particular show. The TVB Jade Solid Gold awards are voted for by three groups including viewers, TVB's music select group and TVB producers and directors.

Joey Yung, Jade Kwan and David Tao were rehearsing at TV City yesterday the two girls were not aware of they were to receive an award, but David Tao was there to receive the most popular Mandarin song award. With reports that the award was taken from Jay Chow and given to David because of attendance, he explains his trip to Hong Kong was purely to promote his new album and not to receive the award. As for whether it was fair that the singers have to be there to get an award, Jade Kwan says it is possibly unfair, but it is nice to be there if you receive an award.


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