Thursday, September 25, 2003

[Ta Kung Pao]

There have been reports recently that Anita Mui was due to go and perform in Atlantic City in November but because the sponsors were worried about her illness, they had cancelled and booked for Bondy Chiu to appear instead. When Bondy was approached to confirm this, she says that although she will be appearing in a show in Atlantic City, it is not in November, but October. She is not sure if she is 'replacing' Anita. Bondy says: "From what I know, this slot was for Chris Wong and he asked me to be his guest, I have not heard that we are replacing Anita."

Bondy will be out there for two days and after the show will be flying back to film for "Virtues of Harmony II", when asked why she is going out even on such a tight schedule, she says: "I wouldn't argue with money, if I can make it then I will. I feel very lucky that even in this economic environment, my fee has not decreased at all, so I am very happy."


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