Thursday, September 25, 2003

[Ta Kung Pao]

Roger Kwok and Flora Chan were filming in a shopping centre yesterday for new series "Gak Sai Jui Hung" and when the reporters arrived to visit them, they seemed to be very friendly with Roger leaning closely on Flora's shoulder for the photocall. Afterwards, Roger was asked why he was so 'attached' to Flora and he smiled that he is working hard at forging relations with her in the hope that she will give him some skincare products. So he has a motive after all! Roger says: "I bought a lip balm this morning for about $40, but then I found out that Flora is a spokesperson for this product brand and she could have got the products for free, so I will have to really befriend her so she can get me some more products, after all you have to save what you can!"

Flora and TVB's contract will be up in November and earlier TVB had already offered her the terms for renewing her contract and she had made her own demands to them, so she is waiting for their reply. As for the chances of signing again, Flora drops a big hint by saying: "Although we have worked together for so long and the company has treated me well, I really don't want to talk about the future. (Are you reserving comment on the renewal?) It's just to respect all parties, I never talk about contracts to anyone else."

With her reserved comments, she has stirred up suspicion that she may change careers, but she laughs: "I won't. Actually when I got an award at last year's anniversary, a lot of fans were worried that I would change career paths, but they can rest assured that I do not have this intention and am growing fonder and fonder of the business all the time."


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