Sunday, September 14, 2003

[Ta Kung Pao - reporter Fong Chun Ming in Guangzhou]

Lawrence Ng has been invited by Guangzhou TV to be a judge at a beauty pageant and having once been a Miss Hong Kong judge, Lawrence was very stunned by the beauty because there are so many people in China, the quality of the contestants was high, the talent was outstanding with many contestants hailing from professional institutes. Judging the contest in Panyu, Lawrence laughs that it is not easy being a judge because just looking at the contestants numbers is confusing enough. He says that this pageant is a high profile contest on the mainland and is on the same standards as Miss Hong Kong as they have a swimsuit, questions and answers and dancing sections, but they do not have a guest performer so it loses a little of the attraction.

Talking of his ideal woman, Lawrence says seriously that firstly she must be pretty because first impressions are important; then would come her inner heart, such as her grace because this has to be developed over time. He likes reserved, graceful, sensible women. As for the mainland girls, he likes the girls from Harbin because their skin is pale and they are tall with long hair and that is very beautiful.

At the moment, Lawrence is working on breaking into the mainland Chinese market as he plans to head to Beijing on the 16th to film a romantic comedy "Jia Ren You Yue" working with his ex-girlfriend Jin Qiaoqiao as a pair of happy fighting lovers and Hong Kong singer Amanda Lee will also be making an appearance. After that he will take part in a joint Hong Kong and China production called "Lau Man Hap Yi" (Tearway Doctor - working title) where he plays a hero doctor from the 1930's. Next year he will return to Hong Kong to film the third series in the "Miu Sau Yan Sam" (Healing Hands) saga.

There are many mainland actresses that Lawrence admires, even some that we have never heard of. He most wants to co-star with Ning Jing, Qu Ying and Zhang Ziyi because he thinks they are all great performers. As for the role he would most like to play, he says that he would like to play more of Jin Yong's characters like Dong Xie, who is one of his favourite characters.

As for the third instalment of "Healing Hands" Lawrence sais that he has not received the script for this yet, but he has confidence it will be done well and hopes that there will be more ups and downs in the story and there will be an even more moving love story. Usually afraid at the sight of blood, Lawrence says that being a doctor is a very great occupation and is very revered. He hopes that the third series will bring out some stories about SARS to celebrate the wonderful spirit of the medical staff.

Also, Lawrence says that he wants to leave showbusiness in the next two to three years and become a successful businessman as this was his childhood wish. However, he believes that after entering the performing world, it is very difficult to leave. If he is to change profession, there is a big chance he will head into production because he wants to take his experiences and make a good film.


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