Monday, September 08, 2003

[Ta Kung Pao]

Michael Tao and former Cookies member Gloria Chan were filming near Ho Man Tin Secondary School yesterday on location for new series "Ching Chu Yu Nam" (From Blue Grows Green) where the story tells of teacher Michael being late for school and rushing in with one of his students.

Because the weather was very hot yesterday and he was wearing a suit, Michael ran from one end of the street to the other and after a few hours, he was dripping with sweat and wiping it away all the time with tissues and towels as his shirt and trousers were soaked. As Michael wiped away the sweat, he said: "I would rather work when it is raining, the worst thing is to be drenched in smelly sweat, even though someone will wash my costume for me, it will not have dried in time for the studio work in the evening and it smells of stale water that can be very embarrassing."

Talking of the two teachers who have committed suicide even before the new term has started, Michael admits that he has been working and not had time to read the papers, but in his opinion, no matter what happens he will face it optimistically. Although he doesn't know about the background problems of the two teachers, he feels that it is a great shame for them to have chosen this way out and hopes that as a result of this incident it will teach people not to use this way of solving problems. He says: "In the past year in Hong Kong there have been many unhappy incidents and there is no need to add to them." As for Michael's stress-relieving methods, they are to do sports and to chat with friends, he smiles: "I am not bad at basketball and badminton and beaten many people!"

Michael's mother will be celebrating her birthday the day after Mid Autumn so he hopes to be able to take some time out to celebrate with her because recently he has been too busy working and has had little time to spend with her. His mother is already in her seventies, but luckily she is very healthy and can run and eat well, but he still wishes that he could spend more time with her.


[Ta Kung Pao]

Although Gloria Chan So Ying has left girl group Cookies, she has still signed Paco Wong as manager and will be concentrating on developing her acting career, currently working on TVB's "Ching Chu Yu Nam" (From Blue Grows Green). She has already completed her form 5 studies, but afraid of the strange looks she will get from her schoolmates, she would rather enter showbiz than continue her studies.

Despite leaving Cookies, Gloria often keeps in touch with her old friends and talking of rumours of fellow Cookies member Miki dating Shine's Tin You, Gloria defends them saying: "I don't think they are dating, wearing lovers watches? A lot of people have that style of watch. Tin Yau and I are both part of the same record company and are good friends but I don't know why the rumours surround them two. (Miki has had a lot of rumours lately, has she spoken to you about them?) No, I think she can handle them herself."

Also with the recent recruitment for new Cookies memners, Gloria has seen the pictures of the entrants and she feels that their quality is not bad and the best thing is that they are all very talented. Although she backed Number 7 Ho Kong Ho and she didn't make the top three, she feels that the result was reasonable.


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