Wednesday, September 10, 2003

[Ta Kung Pao]

Liu Kai Chi appeared at a promotion for an independent film yesterday and reflected on his visit in the morning to see his son who is ill with leukaemia. He says that in the past, his son did not like the doctors and nurses at first, but a nurse told him that his son said 'Good Morning' to her yesterday. He says that his son has finished the first course of chemotherapy and he had an infection which led to chickenpox, making him very poorly, but now he has recovered fully and can continue his treatment as normal.

Talking of his son's illness, Uncle Chi says that the first treatment went quite well, he cannot say it was very well, but it wasn't bad. So the next course will be stronger and his son will find it a little harder. He says that he and his wife and family already have their expectations and the most important thing is to care as much as they can for their son. As well as caring for their other sons, his wife is spending all her time at the hospital.

Uncle Chi says that the doctors are very good and when his son's condition improved, they will allow him to go home for a few days. When asked whether his son would be home for the Mid Autumn Festival, he says that the doctors will not let him out of hospital just because of the festival, the most important thing is his condition. When asked whether his son's condition is optimistic, he says that it can be described as carefully optimistic, as the cancer cells are under control at the moment, but the generation of white blood cells is not going well.


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