Tuesday, September 16, 2003

[Ta Kung Pao]

Lily Hong gave birth to her son on Mid-Autumn festival and she and husband Jerry Lamb are very excited. After their son was born, their good friends have been to visit them and fought to be the baby's godparents and bringing lots of presents. Jerry says with this amount of income, he will consider having a few more.

Among all the presents, Lily says that the most thoughtful was a pink bikini and a set of swimming trunks sent from the slimming company. Lily indicates that she has already got a plan to lose weight and with this present, she has even more confidence that she will regain her figure. It appears that Jerry also put on weight whilst his wife was pregnant so in order to encourage her, he has decided to start slimming with her.

Lily will be leaving hospital in the next couple of days and rest at home. The slimming consultant has offered her eating and drinking recommendations, telling her what she can eat in the first month that is full of goodness, but will not make her fat so she can rebuild her health before she begins the slimming programme.


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