Wednesday, September 24, 2003

[Ta Kung Pao]

Jimmy Wong Shu Kei and Maple Hui Chow Yee held their wedding ceremony yesterday, just weeks after the birth of their son and held a party at a hotel for over three hundred and fifty guests.

Early in the morning, Jimmy and his team of brothers, including Carlo Ng, Remus Choi as best men and Marco Lo, Gregory Lee, Power Chan and Keung Ho Man arrived at the hotel to collect the bride and were faced with the bridesmaids Anne Heung and Bondy Chiu and sisters Shirley Yeung, Akina Hong, Angela Pang, Choi Lap and Vicki Tong, where they handed over $9999 dollars to enter the room. Then they had to undergo the tests laid on for the groom, that included asking questions about their dating process and their son. Finally Jimmy sung Maple's debut song "Modern Love Story" and received the hand of a teary Maple from her father.

Although they held the ceremony yesterday, the couple are not yet registered officially married. Shu Kei says: "In the past, filming marriage scenes were quite unemotional, but only now do I truly understand the feeling is different. Although we have been dating for seven years, I still feel very excited. However, whether we get married or not is not important because I will still love her. (What present did you buy for her?) Diamonds, girls just love diamonds. It was a six-figure sum, but in my eyes she is worth more than this. (When will you be registering?) We have to look after the baby at the moment and we don't really want to pass him to anyone to look after, so we can't go away on a honeymoon yet. Maybe when he is three or four years old, then we will fly somewhere on holiday and get married officially then."

Appearing as a child star, Jimmy has made many friends in the industry over the last 27 years and yesterday there were many friends there to celebrate with him. Among them Alex Man and Lydia Shum rushed back from Yunnan and Guangzhou respectively. The couple have not registered their marriage, nor have they obtained their son's birth certificate yet because they have not yet decided on his Chinese name. They will be fined by the government but he says it doesn't matter because it is important to choose the right name for his son.


Anne Heung was the bridesmaid at Maple Hui's wedding yesterday and she revealed that this was the first time she had been a bridesmaid or one of the sisters at a wedding. When asked how she felt, she screamed: "Wah! After this experience, I know how much hard work it is to organise a wedding so to avoid all this hassle, I will get married abroad in the future!" However she says it is quite a conflict for her because it is a once in a lifetime occasion and she wants to have a lot of happy memories of the day and it wouldn't be the same if was so low key. When it was suggested that she would have plenty of sisters around from her Miss Hong Kong background, she says she hopes that will be the case!

Anne appeared recently with Carlo Ng in gameshow "Wang So Chin Gum", but she didn't take home the big prize. She says that she has never had much luck with games so she has to work for everything. Having to work for it, did Anne prepare herself for the show? She laughs: "No! I wanted to use my acting skills to pretend not to know the answer and swap my low score for someone else's score!" Although she did not wish to win, she gained third place and even she didn't believe it.

Not having seen Anne for a while, it turns out that she went on vacation to Canada with her parents and a friend for two weeks and joined a seven day cruise. When asked whether she attracted some attention on the ship, she smiled: "No luck for me there this time and i didn't go swimming because it has already started to get cold there. I just played on the slot machines on the boat."


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