Monday, September 15, 2003

[Ta Kung Pao]

Gallen Lo has earlier been to Las Vegas to do a show and took his wife and son there as well for a holiday for a couple of weeks. Although his son has been to visit him whilst working in China, this is the first time they have been on holiday together properly. When asked whether it was hard working taking a child along with him, Gallen says that their maid came along with them as well, so it was not too hard.

The family still made it back to Hong Kong for Mid-Autumn and it turns out that Gallen wanted to play with a lantern with a candle in it, but because the area around his home did not allow candles, he had to resort to an electric lantern. Every time there was a festival in the past, Gallen was usually in the studio, so to be able to spend this one with his family, he admits his son was very happy. When asked whether he will have another child, he laughs: "I have thought about it. (Would you want a boy or a girl?) It doesn't really matter." His son is currently in the middle class in kindergarten and Gallen is taking advantage of his time off to taake his son to and from school and enjoy their time together.

When asked about his work, Gallen says he will be making a movie in November but he cannot talk about it just yet.


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