Saturday, September 27, 2003

[Ta Kung Pao]

Frankie Lam is not only a filial son, he is also a devoted boyfriend because yesterday after filming for "Virtues of Harmony", he immediately went to see his father in hospital before heading to visit his girlfriend Kenix Kwok who was filming. As well as bringing her food, he also picked her up after work, showing his total care for her.

Due to his father's admission into hospital, Frankie would like to get married to Kenix and bring some happiness to the family and when asked whether his actions are because he wants Kenix to agree to marry him sooner, Frankie laughs: "I have always been responsible for her transportation. (Have you proposed to her yet?) I have proposed many times, but her career-mindedness is stronger than a man's, will you help me out later?"

When Kenix came out, the reporters all asked her to hurry up and have children for Frankie and she smiled: "It will happen sooner or later!" At this point, Frankie asked her whether she would get married after filming this series and Kenix smiles with a "Mmm!". Maybe this was down to being shy as she walked away saying: "I have to go back to the studio."

Also talking of whether the new actors on "Ching Chu Yu Nam" were paying attention to their work and she immediately sprung to their defence, praising Chow Wing Hang in particular, saying he has a lot of creativity. As for Ah Yu, is she a little dreamy? Kenix says: "No, maybe it is her appearance that can cause misunderstandings, but there is a high standards with the newcomers this time and they are very willing to learn. It has been a pleasure to work with them."

As for Frankie's rejection to appear at TVB's blessing ceremony on the grounds of looking after his father, Kenix says that he thanks the company for their kind offer, but family is always more important, especially as his father's condition is rather unstable at the moment. She will definitely be there because this is an honour. Her only worry is not having enough time to get changed!


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