Sunday, September 07, 2003

[Ta Kung Pao]

Flora Chan was out selling mooncakes in Times Square yesterday raising funds for the Chi Lin Monastery. She says this is the second year she has helped at the sale and she has the support of many of her fans.

How will she be spending the Mid Autumn festival? Flora says that her parents will be coming to Hong Kong from America so she will be spending it with them. She sys that her father hasn't been to Hong Kong for two years and mother has not been back for over ten years. Her parents are away from Hong Kong for long periods of time because they are afraid of the people and pollution there. They will be coming this time to take a look at how their daughter is fending on her own. However, Flora laughs that she would never have thought that as her parents arrive, they meet with her schedule showing 33 hours of continuous work, a situation she has never come across before. When asked whether her parents have told her to take on less work, she laughs that they will not, because they are very open minded. On this trip, her parents will take the opportunity to visit their relatives because her father has many brothers and sisters. Talking of the cancelled show in Thailand, Flora who was supposed to be appearing says that she has already received the deposit and will not be chasing for any compensation.


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