Monday, September 15, 2003

[Ta Kung Pao]

Both under the Universal Record Label, Shawn Yu and Nnadia Chan have both released albuns recently, however their associated promotion is comparitively weak and in response to this, Shawn seems to shy away from it with little comment because this is not under his control and he will just do his own work and head to the radio station to promote whenever he can. He will not be disappointed if there is insufficient promotion because it may be that there are too many artistes at the company and he is of little concern to them.

As for Nnadia, there has been no promotion in the month since her record has been released and she admits that she was quite frustrated at first but she doesn't mind too much now as she laughs this may be their strategy to keep it all a little secretive. Although there is not enough promotion, the sales have fortunately not been bad and the first edition has been sold out now awaiting a repress and this comforts her somewhat.


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