Saturday, September 27, 2003

[Ta Kung Pao]

Bobby Au-Yeung, Kenix Kwok, Shirley Yeung, Chiu Chung Yu and some of the other new stars were filming on location at a school yesterday for TVB's new show "Ching Chu Yu Nam" and the storyline tells of when Ah Yu and some schoolfriends are practicing cheerleading in the playground.

There have been some reports recently that Ah Yu has not been absorbed in her filming angering Bobby who called for everyone to get more focused. When he was asked about whether he had scolded Ah Yu, he said rather bewildered: "Me? Scold her? Don't be silly! It's all rubbish, but that magazine likes to write whatever it wants. It wrote something about me last year and because it affected the reputation of someone else, I sent them a solicitor's letter." Bobby thinks a little before adding: "Actually I always scold people because I am playing a headmaster in the show! However they are already being kind by not spreading rumours to say I am dating Ah Yu! (But Ah Yu has said she likes your type of man!) Nine out of ten girls like my type because we are non-threatening!" Finally Bobby feels sorry for the reporters for this magazine, saying: "It's no wonder though, it's hard to make a living now so I can only treat it as promotion."

As for Ah Yu, she responds calmly saying: "Recently the producer has praised me for my good performance and behaviour and Bobby himself also praised the group of newcomers. Wouldn't this report be a contradiction? I think this is all a misunderstanding because I have not heard this coming from Bobby or maybe I didn't hear it because it was too noisy. (Will you explain yourself to Bobby?) No, to explain is to cover it up and as long as I know I am not being inattentive then it is okay." She also says that Bobby always teaches her when they are working, like where to stand and how to say her lines better and she has gained a lot from this.


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