Thursday, September 11, 2003

[Ta Kung Pao]

As last year's Miss Hong Kong winner Tiffany Lam left for America to continue her studies, her good friends Victoria Jolly and Nikki Chung were there to see her off at the airport together with Miss HK boss Rosa Chan. However there were no tears as they took photographs as a memory. Victoria is filming a series at the moment and took some time off to come and see Tiffany off but had to leave for work before Tiffany entered the gate.

So with this departure, when will Tiffany be back in HK? She says she is not sure, but she still has a contract with a skincare product company so she will have to return if there are any promotional events or advertisements and maybe at Christmas. She says that showbiz is so interesting and colourful and she says she will miss it, as she has met so many friends and felt so lucky in the last year. However she has not had her family with her and she feels the pressure, fortunately she has had many people to look after her. Her decision to return to America is to look after her family as well as to further her studies.


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