Wednesday, September 17, 2003

[Ta Kung Pao]

Anne Heung and Ellesmere Choy were interviewed for a programme on Metro Radio whilst promoting their new series: "Juk Sai Ching Jan" (Seed of Hope). Anne had just come back from Canada where she had been for a vacation. After taking two weeks off on leave, Anne was full of vitality yesterday and although it was a leisure break she has taken she has not put on any weight as her figure was just as slim. Anne says that in the past when she took a holiday she once put on 8 pounds.

Going to Canada this time, she was very light-hearted and ate day and night but surprisingly, she has not put on any weight. Later, Anne will be a guest performer for the International New Talent Singing Contest, working with Hacken Lee for the first time, not only singing, but dancing as well, so she is naturally quite nervous. With her series "Seed of Hope" currently airing, she says that she is watching the response from the viewers and the majority of them feel that the storyline is attractive and so she is confident with the ratings.


As there isn't much news tonight, I will post some of the last Roger article to be translated. For the complete article, please visit: http://emspace.homestead.com/rogermag4.html

[Express Weekly - 09/09/03]

On this day, when Roger saw me, the first thing he said was: "Have we met before?"

"Yes, we met three years ago!" I replied.

As time has passed, I have changed my image with an afro perm, but Roger's appearance, tone and attitude are just the same as they were, not having changed at all in the three years.

The only thing that is different now is his success. Three years ago, he was still floating around in the sea of showbusiness; nothing more needs to be said about him today. The opportunity has arrived! Ah Wong pushing him up in recognition and recently Nasty Nardo has been refreshing.

As he says: "I believe deeply that there is a value to my existence here and I have never given up on it."

Through his determination, Roger has gone from fishing for tiddlers to landing a prize catch and the failures from the past have been changed with time, so with the departure of Gallen Lo from the TVB nest, he has been smoothly transitioned into the number one chair and received the treatment he deserves.

If I was Roger Kwok, I would be asking today: shall I steam the bass or turn it into fish chunks?

Since 1987, Roger's contract with TVB has been uninterrupted and even when he left to try his chances elsewhere, he has still kept his contract with them and the hope of returning one day. And returning has not been difficult as far as he was concerned. In these years, he has still been given main leads and although not every series has been equally popular, at least there have been people watching him.

Having Luck

"Some things are not simply down to sheer hard work and you may not be able to predict the outcomes, however you cannot do nothing and just wait for luck to come and find you. In truth, through recent years, I feel like I have just been waiting for luck to arrive, after spending so many years in the industry, I understand how it works. If you ask me if I am professional, I will respond "I am definitely professional." but whether or not I will be able to meet your expectations, I know that I can do it, but I will need some luck first. This year, I have been very lucky, for some reason everything has gone smoothly after starting the year of the goat. In the six months since Ah Wong, the smooth running has already cancelled out all the unhappy times and never before have I basked in this feeling. For instance, in the past when I was in discussions for advertisements and stage jobs, I would always be turned down by companies who would rather ask someone else. Maybe after having experienced this, I do not worry myself over too many things now and without this bother, I can immerse myself in my work and the feeling is different.

So everything is luck and nothing is down to your hard work?

"Luck is a very broad term and it encompasses your interactions built up over time with other people, your public achievements, the image that you have created with your audience, your never faltering attitude to work, the keeping of your figure.. I have never given up because I firmly believe that I have a value to my existence. Therefore I will not go out late at night and do not touch a drop of alcohol because I know that this would be bad for my health or give me an extra wrinkle on my face that will reduce the longevity of my performing life.

Moreover, my attitude towards other people has never changed. There are over a thousand people in the company and it is a small society there so how would I go about gaining the respect of people and making them accept your will? Also, many things are not said intentionally to show how sincere I am, how clever I am or how professional I am, I will only show this through my work. Perhaps somethings when I film a series I know in my heart it will not bring me very much, but I will do my best to contribute to the teamwork and complete it happily so that other people will not use it as a means to criticise. Maybe this is the fortune that I have collected over the years that has made the heavens offer me this chance, so I only see this opportunity as a stroke of luck."

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