Thursday, September 11, 2003

[Ta Kung Pao] and [The Sun]

Since Cerina De Graca has been chosen to be spokesperson for a slimming company, she has boldly shed 15 lb in the space of two weeks to become an absolute beauty. She is also arranging for her aunt Tong Lai Kau to join her in getting back into shape after giving birth.

Since shooting some photographs for the autumn promotions, her busy schedule has meant she was not able to follow her schedule so she still had some weight to shed and she was asked by the photographer to come back again after losing the weight. Because of this, she pledged not to be lazy and work hard at her regime and with the support of the company, Cerina has achieved her goal whilst keeping her figure to show off the best of her slim beauty, achieving a 22 in waist, even fitter than when she was in the Miss Hong Kong pageant.

In order to showcase her success, the photographer designed a special concept for her with a horse. Cerina says that to strive for perfection, she has dressed in quite revealing clothes and she says has not dressed quite so sexily since she entered the pageant.


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