Sunday, September 28, 2003

[The Sun]

Yoyo Mung made an appearance as a model at a wedding gown show yesterday and said rather excitedly: "This is my first time doing a wedding show and the stage was not very level so I had to be very careful walking. Beforehand I had asked the other modesl for some tips on the best way to walk and they said to pick up the dress and underskirt at the same time to stop yourself from stepping on the dress."

When Yoyo was asked whether wearing a wedding gown made her want to get married, she said: "Although I feel very beautiful in a wedding gown and am the centre of attention, getting married is still a very distant thought. It is fashionable to get married later now so I will still concentrate on my work first."

Also, Yoyo says that she finds people with a fuller figure look better in a wedding dress and she feels she is too thin so it is not the perfect fit for her.


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