Friday, September 12, 2003

[The Sun]

Yesterday, the "5th CCTV MTV Music Awards" were held in Beijing and of the Hong Kong stars appearing included Faye Wong, Jacky Cheung, Hacken Lee, Karen Mok, Louis Koo and Edwin Siu. Hacken beat the fierce opposition to achieve the award for "Best Male Singer for HK Region" leaving him both happy and surprised. He says: "I really am so happy, winning this award on the mainland for the first time and I when I went onto the stage, I was very nervous and excited." Originally he had planned to be on the 9am plane, but he was delayed by three hours, he explains: "Originally I was taking off at 9am, but because there was a problem with the cargo hold, the plane had to return and we had to change to another plane and finally we took off again at 1pm so I couldn't do my hair until I arrived at the venue." Talking of his girlfriend Emily Lo and her big appetite fuelling rumours she may be pregnant, Hacken denied this saying: "Don't be silly! If it was true I would have told you all! Her appetite has always been normal!" However he laughs that his girlfriend cannot cook: "Women don't need to be able to cook any more in this day and age! (So what does she know?) As long as she knows how to be happy that is okay!"

Also, the awards for the Taiwan Region went to Jay Chou and Sun Yanzi and Jacky Cheung and Faye Wong were named as the best male and female singers for the Asian region. Karen Mok was named best female for HK region and Louis Koo's "Mr Cool" was awarded most popular song for HK region. Edwin Siu was named as the singer with the greatest potential.


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