Tuesday, September 16, 2003

[The Sun]

Michael Tong and Matt Yeung were using real guns yesterday as they filmed in the streets for RTHK series "Jap Fat Kwan Ying II" (Crime Fighters II) in a gunfight scene that attracted many people to stop and watch. After two previous occasions of actual reports for the staged fight, the crew were all ready to cordon the scene off to prevent any misunderstandings.

Filming in Yuen Long and North Point earlier, there had been some confusion with the appearance of the real weaponry and citizens had called emergency services reporting real gunfire. Building on their experiences, the crew were not to be caught out again an filming on location again in North Point, all the preparations had been done as not only roads were closed off and signs were placed with "Filming in Progress", before the cameras started rolling, there were loudspeakers warning the local residents. As a result no calls were made for assistance.

Wearing the police uniforms for the first time, Michael and Matt were quite excited. Michael said: "With so many people around and wearing the police uniform, holding real guns, it was actually quite scary." When Matt was asked whether he was afraid people would report it, he said: "They shouldn't because the crew have made all the preparations to warn people to steer clear."

As for Lin Hoi who played the criminal, when he filmed the scene to snatch the car, his performance was overly real and he scared the children around him. Later he smiled: "I am actually playing a cowardly thief who just managed to snatch a car by chance."


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