Friday, September 19, 2003

[The Sun]

Making her mark in "Yeung Gwai Fei" (The Legend of Lady Yang) as Mui Fei, Melissa Ng has recently had revealed that she has bought a luxury home worth $13 million with her rich stockbroker boyfriend and not only are they co-habiting, the couple have already got married last month in America, making her a 'rich lady" in real life!

Having kept a low profile all along, Melissa has maintained her style even with her marriage under high secrecy! It appears that Melissa has been preparing for her wedding since the beginning of the year, looking for properties, finding a beautiful apartment in April and buying it with her boyfriend Jerry Wong Wah Lun for $13 million. Always very practical, Melissa has not stepped back through becoming a rich lady and instead has been active in selecting everything. After choosing their love nest, she immediately started looking at furnishings and decorations, being both careful and knowledgeable. Once everything was ready, Melissa took advantage of her free time after filming "Fung Mo Heung Lo" (Shanghai 1920) and flew to America with her boyfriend to get married. There were just the two family's members at the low profile ceremony. Although Melissa told some of her close friends in the industry, she did not invite anyone in order to keep everything private and low key.

The reason why Melissa kept everything low profile was because her boyfrend Jerry is the founder and Managing Director of an investment management company and he is very protective of her, so in order not to affect his business dealings, Melissa has always dated quietly and does not talk about it very much to the public, so even their marriage was chosen to be done in secret.

When she was approached by the press to confirm this, Melissa who is usually happy to talk to the reporters became very awkward and tried to avoid the subject as she said: "I don't want to talk about these things yet." When asked about her marriage, Melissa quickly ended the call with much reluctance to talk.

Melissa entered the entertainment industry in 1996 after gaining Runner Up position in the Miss Chinatown International pageant and having worked at TVB for seven years, she has made good progress, with continuous series including "Ching Hin Bat Jee Gwai" (A Herbalist Affair), "Yeung Gwai Fei" (The Legend of Lady Yang) and "Gau Ng Jee Juen" (The King of Yesterday and Tomorrow).


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