Monday, September 22, 2003

[The Sun]

Louis Koo recently visited Nanhai in Foshan for a show and invited Bernice Liu and Sonija Kwok as guests, attracting a host of Mainland and Hong Kong fans who travelled there to see them. Because the fans were overly warm the event nearly fell into chaos, but luckily the venue had arranged for over thirty security guards to keep order there.

Louis also had an amusing moment when the local press asked him what he thought of Foshan and he said: "I have just arrived so I haven't had a chance to look around." When asked whether Wong Fei Hung came from Foshan, Louis asked: "What is Wong Fei Hung?" After a member of the crew helped him to overcome the language problems, he realised his mistake and laughed: "I thought that Wong Fei Hung might be a toy or food!"


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