Thursday, September 18, 2003

[The Sun]

Hacken Lee headed up to Guangzhou earlier upon an invitation from renowned mainland pianis Lang Lang to guest appear at his concert, but Hacken was refused entry as he did not have an access pass and had to wait half an hour outside before he was let in!

Appearing at the press conference for the "Worldwide Chinese New Talent Singing Contest", Hacken will be the guest performer on the night along with Emme Wong and Anne Heung. Hacken reveals that his new song "I cannot sing songs" has a lot of piano accompaniment and this was performed by 21-year old mainland piano star Lang Lang. Lang is currently holding a concert in Guangzhou, so Hacken went there especially to film the Music Video, but was left outside.

Hacken says: "My assistant and I arrived outside the venue but we didn't have a pass to get in and we had to wait outside for half an hour. When passers-by saw us they found it very strange, but it doesn't matter! The security guards were just doing their job by not letting us in, even if they did recognise who I was."

Hacken will be releasing his new album next week and he laughs: "This time will be the biggest giveaway album in Hong Kong's history because it is a compilation album of old and new songs! Four discs for the price of one, definitely worth it! However the record industry will have to reconsider because they shouldn't be going down this avenue, but from a business point of view it makes sense. (Have you reflected this to your company?) I am in the middle, if the boss has this decision, I will support him." As for Cecilia Cheung's new tattoo, Hacken defends her by saying: "It's a fake isn't it! (Do you agree with tattoos?) It's a young persons' world, you can't really agree or disagree, as long as they are happy. (What if your girlfriend Emily Lo wanted a tattoo?) Let me go and ask her!"

Emme Wong will be singing and dancing on the night of the contest, it turns out that when she was studying in Canada, she once entered a singing competition, but because she was too nervous, she didn't win an award!


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