Monday, September 15, 2003

[The Sun]

Charmaine Sheh and Maggie Cheung were filming for TVB's "Palatial Sins" yesterday and they will be heading up to Beijing in November to film on location in the Forbidden City. Going to Beijing for the first time, Maggie says: "I can't wait! I will prepare some winter clothes, but to go there in winter is still good because I am naturally sweaty so I would rather be cold than hot. I will be playing a maid in the palace who later becomes a concubine, but I still do not know who will be playing the emperor. (Who would you like it to be?) Of course I would like it to be Kwong Wa!"

As for Charmaine, she says that when they will be filming in Beijing, she will take the chance to spend Christmas there as she laughs: "Then I can save on buying Christmas presents. (What have you prepared for Beijing?) I will take more warm clothes with me and I will also take a lot of facial masks because the air is so dry over there."


[The Sun]

Tai Mung Mung, Tong Sze Wing and other cast members of youth show "Sei Yip Cho" were criticised by Leung Si Ho earlier for being late and unprofessional and during filming of the variety show, Si Ho gained his revenge by obviously playing a trick on Mung Mung and Sze Wing and drenching them.

The cast members of TVB's "Dong Sei Yip Cho Pung Sheung Gim Jim Si" (Heart of Fencing) including Tai Mung Mung, Tong Sze Wing, Eileen Yeow and Lee Yat Long were taking part in a variety show and it was arranged for them to play some games along with the other guests including Kwan Yee Tung and Nikki Chung, the losing team's punishment was to be covered in soy milk. Although the "Sei Yip Cho" team won, Si Ho played a trick and ended up throwing the milk over Mung Mung and Sze Wing. Later whilst acting in a comedy sketch, they were once again splashed with water by the other team members, leaving them both completely drenched. As soon as she was backstage, Mung Mung could not help moaning immediately: "Why is it me again? I don't have any clothes to change into! I'm not playing." Some of the cast of "Sei Yip Cho" had been late at the earlier blessing ceremony and displayed an unprofessional attitude making Si Ho and some other artistes very angry and criticise their lack of professionalism.

After the show, when Si Ho was asked if he was seeking revenge on them and deliberately playing tricks on the girls, he said: "No, but they should have expected it from me! I was just creating some atmosphere, not seeking revenge!" After getting changed, Mung Mung said: "It doesn't matter, he was just creating some atmosphere." As for Tong Sze Wing, she added: "He did it on purpose, but he was just joking! It wasn't revenge and we were not late anyway."


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