Sunday, September 14, 2003

[The Sun]

Carlo Ng and Leung Si Ho were rehearsing for a variety show yesterday, working with a group of newcomers from the heavily promoted new series "Dong Sei Yip Cho Pung Sheung Gim Jim Shi" including Tai Mung Mung, Lee Yat Long and Chan Yu Sum, but were angry because they were unhappy with the attitudes of the youngsters.

Carlo and Si Ho often have to work with "late-haters" Lydia Shum and Liza Wang and have trained themselves to be punctual, but whilst working with the newcomers from "Sei Yip Cho" yesterday, rehearsing for a variety show, they were angry because of the latecomers.

On the set, more experienced artistes Carlo, Si Ho and Eileen Yeow could be seen rehearsing their lines, whilst the newcomers were stood aimlessly to one side as Tai Mung Mung was holding her mirror and tweezers making herself look pretty and looking extremely unprofessional. During the blessing ceremony, Si Ho couldn't hold back and said: "I would advise the newcomers not to be late in the future!" Although he did not reveal who the latecomers were, he said angrily: "The call was for 10:30 and they were over an hour late and just waiting for them to eat breakfast we had to wait four times! If they like taking it easy, they should not be in this business and should find another more relaxed job."

Usually mild-mannered Carlo Ng added: "You cannot be late just because you are sleepy, that is very selfish. Then when they arrive late they still want to play around and do not learn their lines. If you do not do your job as a newcomer, then you will lose the opportunity and have no-one to blame but yourself. (Are you not afraid the newcomers will be angry with you?) I don't mind! I am not being smart, I just wish that they would respect the profession."

The suspected latecomers Tai Mung Mung and Chan Yu Sum explained that their call was noted for 11 o'clock and Mung Mung responded: "I was not late, plucking my eyelashes was because I need to rush to filming later so I was making the most of my time to do make up and rehearse at the same time. I am very serious about this, but I just like to chat in my spare time!" In contrast, Lee Yat Long said: "The car broke down on the way, so I was late."


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