Sunday, September 21, 2003

[The Sun]

Appearing as a guest performer at a singing contest earlier, Hacken Lee was showing off an LV ring presented to him by girlfriend Emily Lo, is there a hidden meaning in it? He denies this as usual: "She buys me a lot of accessories through the year, there is no special meaning in it!"

Hacken, Emme Wong and Anne Heung too part in the 2003 New Talent Singing Contest as guests and backstage, Hacken seemed very excited as he showed off his new design LV ring to the press, a present from his girlfriend. He said, with a feeling of sweetness: "I was told I had to wear it by my image consultant at home (Emily)! What? It is eight thousand dollars? Surely not! Let me go and ask her!" Although it is his money she is spending, Hacken doesn't mind and laughs that he is very pleased with her advice on his image. When asked if there was another meaning to his girlfriend's present, he immediately responded with caution saying: "No, she buys me a lot of accessories and there is no meaning."

Hacken has had a smooth wind recently, but he often has differences in opinion with his record company Universal and there are rumours he is demanding $20 million dollars to renew his contract for two years. He laughs: "If that is the case, I would give them 20% off and still sign for 10 years!" He admits that the record sales of recent years have not been as high as in the past and the tens of millions are all just rumours and silly figures, he is just after sincerity: "I have achieved many awards in Beijing and Shanghai and even Andy (Lau) has offered to help me make a Mandarin album if necessary, but Universal have not even got a plan and I really don't understand that." Universal was earlier involved in a series of ICAC investigations and Hacken says that before this is all cleared up, he will not discuss contracts with other companies so as to be fair with them.

Also, Emme Wong appeared on the night in a close fitting trousers with a split nearly up to her sensitive regions, she says she has done all the protective measures: "I am totally taped up and there is a back up panties inside!"

The New Talent contest Gold Award went to Tong Nga Ming from Los Angeles and the silver and bronze went to Tong Chun Dik and Liu Wai Lik respectively.


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