Friday, September 19, 2003

[The Sun]

After the birt of a son to Jerry Lamb and Lily Hong, their life has encircled the baby and when Jerry appeared at an event yesterday, he seemed to have lost some weight! He says: "Maybe I haven't eaten as much as I did and also I have to look after the baby so I have lost some weight! However it is hard work looking after the baby, like being at work!" (Who does the baby look like more?) Of course he looks more like me!" Jerry says that his wife has left hospital and is looking after the baby full time.

Also the baby has brought some life into the Lam family with many people calling to congratulate them as Jerry says excitedly: "Earlier, Lau Wai Keung told me to have a one-month-old celebration for the baby because he is my first after all and my family want to have a lively party so I will go with their wishes and we will probably have a celebration."


[Ming Pao]

Jerry Lamb recently brought Lily Hong and his son Lam Bo home and laughs that his home has become as busy as a market because they are always fighting to hold the baby and don't want to put him down, constantly joking with the baby as he hopes that the baby will grow up with a sense of humour like his.

Jerry says that the baby looks like him and is always putting on a sleeping face to prove his point to his wife.


[Oriental Daily]

Nnadia Chan has been in Singapore to promote her new album and as soon as she arrived at the airport, she was met by a big group of fans. As soon as she walked out from the gate, the fans presented her with two of the local speciality Pandens Cakes. Because Nnadia was scheduled for a string of interviews and events straight after her arrival, she could only take the cakes with her and after a day of running around, the cakes were so battered that it was hard to eat them any more and had to be thrown away. Nnadia thought it was a shame and a waste so she asks her fans not to give her any more cakes!

Nnadia says that although the schedules were tight, it was not hard work because it has been a few years since she has released an album in Singapore and her fans and the media are very excited at her return as they presented her with presents and letters of encouragement, touching her greatly. Among the gifts were mainly food.


[Ming Pao]

Shirley Yeung and Gregory Lee appeared yesterday at the press conference for Wong Shu Kei's new book release and openly posed for photographs. They will also be among the brothers and sisters at the wedding of Shu Kei and Maple Hui later on this month. When asked when it would be their turn, they immediately seemed a little embarrassed and did not respond beside insisting that they were just good friends. When asked what plans they had for the future, Gregory replied: "Nothing yet, just go with destiny."


[Ming Pao]

Belinda Hamnett appeared yesterday in a mini skirt at a press conference with Jerry Lamb, Ander Jen and Koi Sai Bo to introduce five new programmes to begin airing on TVB as of next week. Belinda will be working with Ander Jen and Koi Sai Bo in a new show called "Happy Leisure District" that will take you to all the places to have fun in Hong Kong, Kowloon and the New Territories.

When asked whether it was hard work filming out n location, Belinda said: "It was alright, but Ander Jen is always putting his hand on my shoulder very hard and it made my shoulder turn red because he becomes tensed up. So we make sure that he knows his lines before we start filming." Will you be wearing short skirts on location? "I will wear a slightly longer skirt or trousers." Have you been heckled? "Most of the heckling was from Ander Jen." What about taking advantage of you? "I'd rather he did that than smack my shoulder, but no he hasn't taken advantage."


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