Sunday, September 28, 2003

[Sing Pao]

Steven Ma has been opening his paths in the mainland and in the space of six months he has visited eight cities in China and his tight schedule has meant that he was not able to celebrate his tenth anniversary of being in showbiz on 27th September. However, he believes that being able to spend this special day working was very worthwhile.

Thinking back to his 10 years in the business, Steven admits that he has had a lot of experiences, some happy and some unhappy, the most memorable of which was the change that took place seven years ago. Steven says: "At the time I had only been in the business for three years and one day, my record company said to me that my image path was not the same as theirs and they were not renewing my contract. At the time I thought about leaving the showbiz circles, but luckily three months later Catherine Tsang invited me to film 'Yat Ho Wong Ting' (Files of Justice) and then gave me a chance to perform in 'Luk Ding Gei' (Duke of Mount Deer) and from this I managed to find another route so I thank the heavens for giving me this turning point and thank Producer Tsang for giving me this chance."

Steven says that in the last ten years, he has gained some results in the television circuit and he will continue working hard in the future, including his foray into the publishing business as well as breaking into the Mainland. Recently he was invited by Nanjing Television to guest star in their most popular show "Super Shake Up" where he performed a comedy sketch with a Taiwanese actor.

Also, he has also been presented with a set of very precious antique records by a senior friend and he says: "In the arts, I have always had a group of seniors who have given me support and advice making me overcome any problems or depressing times and continuing to be determined and work on, this is my greatest gain in these ten years."


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