Sunday, September 28, 2003

[Sing Pao]

Priscilla Chik left for Japan today to represent Hong Kong in this the Miss International pageant to be held in Tokyo on the 8th of next month. Trying on her evening gown and traditional outfits yesterday, the other Miss Hong Kong contestants were there to offer their support and send her on her way. They also shared the stories about their visit to Kau Chai Kau.

The traditional dress that Priscilla will be wearing is a chipao that she bought from Shanghai with a picture of a peacock on it. The cloth has had a special treatment and the design is simple yet carries a great Oriental feel. The evening gown was praised as beautiful by the other girls as they looked on enviously. This time it will just be Priscilla travelling alone without any crew members so she will have to look after herself, however her family will be there in a few days time to support her so she will not be lonely.

Priscilla will be taking with her some souvenirs of Hong Kong such as some chipao dolls on a telephone decoration to give to the other contestants. She says to the press that she is confident and will do her best. Although the other countries' contestants are taller but Priscilla is not losing out by much because she feels that you don't have to be tall to be beautiful.

All the Miss HK's say that their trip to Kau Chai Kau was fun but they have all gained a tan because there were little clouds in the high altitude so the sun shone directly onto them. The ethnic minorities there are very warm and often danced as they ate, on one occasion they tried to toss up Mandy Cho, but luckily for her they were stopped just in time. Also, they had a "toilet bus" following them around on the trip and they all agreed this was the best arrangement.


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