Friday, September 26, 2003

[Sing Pao]

Louis Koo appeared at a department store in Causeway Bay promoting his sponsors Hugo Boss' new fragrance and attracted some large crowds during rush hour as he talked about his relationship with TVB.

Louis offered the invitation to the press willingly, saying that his contract with TVB will be expiring in November, but TVB have not yet approached him about extending it. When asked whether he wanted to stay with them, Louis said rather irritatedly: "If they aren't thinking about it, then why should I be the one chasing? Maybe they feel I will not sign again, but it would be nice to let me know! (Do you feel that TVB don't think you are important to them?) Yeah!" He guesses it may be because he has been concentrating his career on his movies recently making him think that he is no longer a TVB artiste, but in fact he really would like to make another serial and has sincerity about it, seeing this as a test.

Recently, TVB have had a shortage in leading males, Louis laughs: "Maybe they don't feel I am one of their male leads. (Maybe they treat you as a golden oldie?) It might be the case!" In the past, he has been approached six months in advance to extend his contract and there are other companies who have approached him, but Louis says that TVB will always be his first priority. He also says that he will be part of TVB's 2004 calendar but he adds: "A few of those who have not renewed their contracts are also in it. Maybe they are just busy, but I will be happy with any discussion from them as I really do want to make another series."

Having been the promotional ambassador for Hugo Boss for three years, he tells on stage of what attracts him most about women. He says it is when women have just got out of bed because he does not like women with make up on, especially too much. As for his most admired female star, he says Maggie Cheung (Man Yuk) because she is both fashionable and beautiful.

When Louis was asked about reports that Sammi Cheng and Andy Hui were back together, he said: "I don't respond to these questions all along and anyway I don't know about other people's affairs. I only know Sammi through working with her."

TVB's managing director Mr Ho appeared at another event yesterday and when asked about Louis and TVB's contractual matters, Mr Ho says this is very curious and he will investigate. Mr Ho points out that contracts are dealt with through the Artistes Department and their working relationship with Louis is a good one.


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