Monday, September 15, 2003

[Sing Pao 22/08/03 - Article I missed by accident... sorry to Mimi and her fans!]

Not long after giving birth to her daughter Vivian Lai was ignoring the traditions and out and about having her hair done. However aside from being vain, Vivian has been putting great care into looking after her baby. Unfortunately she has little experience and appears quite flustered at time, being picked on by her daughter. As a good friend, Mimi Lo tells the story of nappy changing and how she managed to get herself all wet.

Yesterday, Mimi Lo was giving an interview to RTHK, accompanied by boyfriend Power Chan. Talking of her good friend Vivian, Mimi said that not long after giving birth, Vivian was already out and about and it's probably because of this that the baby is quite naughty. When asked whether she had seen the baby, Mimi replied: "Yes, she looks a lot like her father (Tsang Chi Ming) but maybe her looks will change as she gets older, but at least we know that the baby is definitely his!"

Would Vivian have preferred to have had a son? Mimi said this may not be the case, but she herself prefers boys. However she smiles that it doesn't matter because her other two friends Maple Hui and Lily Hong are both having sons. Mimi says that she is the godmother of Vivian's daughter and although there was no proper ceremony, she has already agreed to it. She says that she really wants to go and visit Vivian recently, but she is probably too busy with the baby so she doesn't return the call until much later. Seeing her friends all having children, does Mimi ever feel the desire to become a mother? She says: "No thanks, it seems like a lot of hassle. Vivian said to me that when she was changing the baby's nappy, it continued to pee onto her. Then she said to the baby: Please don't pick on mummy!" Mimi laughs that hearing this from her good friend has put her off having children for the time being as she believes that Vivian would never have imagined that as well as the responsibility of being a mother will also bring with her these instances.

Mimi also points out that Vivian is very excitable about the baby because when she found out that she was pregnant, she started to decorate the baby room. Although many people say that it is unsuitable to decorate the house when you are pregnant, she wanted the baby's room to be beautiful so she ignored these traditions. When Mimi was asked whether Vivian is starting to get back into shape, she laughs not yet because she is still a little bloated but there should be a slimming centre who will sponsor her.


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