Wednesday, September 10, 2003

Since her appearance in the business, Chiu Chung Yu has only been linked in rumours with Edison Chen and very little others. Actually Ah Yu's criteria for a partner is that they must have a happy personality and be funny, she laughs that if Bobby Au Yeung was younger and not married, then she would consider him.

In her capacity as spokesperson for a French Skincare product, Ah Yu appeared at a promotion with Rosemary and E-kids. Ah Yu says that she has been busy day and night filming for new series "Ching Chu Yu Nam" (From Blue Grows Green) and has only had one or two hours of sleep a day. When reporters laughed that she could die from this, she joked back saying: "I won't die just yet, I can handle it! I have been working with Michael Tao and Bobby Au Yeung and they are very funny guys and know what position will create the funniest results. (Are you afraid as a newcomer you might not be able to keep up?) No, they look after and are willing to teach the newcomers and are very nice so I have no pressure from this performance." Yu plays a student in this show and she is having a good time.

In the show, she secretly admires Michael and Ah Yu reveals that in Form 3, she also had a crush on one of her teachers. When asked if she had a crush on anyone in showbiz, she says: "No, I have only been admired from people outside the industry. (There are plenty of good looking guys in showbiz though.) Good looks aren't everything, to like someone is not just on looks, the most important thing is that we can have a good conversation. I like happy humorous guys. (Bobby is very humorous.) He already has a wife. (If he wasn't married and was younger, would you consider him?) Even if he is ten years older than me that would be okay, but I wouldn't be able to accept him being too old. Also if he has a girlfriend I wouldn't consider it because I will not be the third party, it's a matter of principles, if I did this, then my boyfriend could do the same to me and I don't like relationships being unclear."


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