Saturday, September 27, 2003

Shirley Yeung was discovered to have spent thirty six hours at her boyfriend Gregory Lee's home as they left together in the morning, but they were very open about it because this stay was all due to the circumstances that arose from some angry neighbours!

Yesterday at around 9am, Gregory first left the house and not long, his mother Sze Ming led Shirley downstairs and when the reporters asked Shirley why she had stayed at Gregory's home for the night, Sze Ming responded: "They are rushing to get to work, please don't obstruct them!" Shirley was very open about it before being taken to work by her boyfriend.

Later Shirley was interviewed and explained: "The day before yesterday, Auntie (Sze Ming) called me to dinner and there was an angry knock at the door from someone who said my car was blocking them, so I was going to move the car when I saw seven or eight burly men stood by the door saying 'It's Shirley Yeung' before making some very personal attacks against me." Later as the people gathered increased, they could only call the police for help and for the sake of safety, she had to stay at Gregory's family home. She adds: "I didn't have to work the following day and I start early today so I didn't think it mattered too much, but later when they said that the paparazzi where there as well, it was too much to worry about. I just found the people very frightening."

When asked whether she often went to her boyfriend's house, Shirley says: "There have been times when it has been so late that Auntie tells me to stay. (Is your relationship very stable?) Gregory looks after me and we get on very well." When the reporters later contacted Gregory to asked whether he was living in with Shirley, he denied it hurriedly: "We haven't reached that stage yet. This was supposed to be a good day, but my neighbours had some misunderstandings earlier on and they were very over the top that night, but we did not respond to them." Also, Sze Ming reveals they are often being harassed by the neighbours: "Like the problem of car parking spaces, they say they want to rent it and then they don't and then they come and knock on the door. The reason I told Shirley to stay was for her own safety and I never thought that the press would turn up. When I found out, I tried to explain because I hope that they will not write anything bad and let them develop their relationship normally."


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